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About SaluCare

SaluCare treats acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain through the use of traditional therapeutic approaches along with the addition of:

  • a combination of different types of manual therapies.
  • specialized stretches including Iyengar Yoga based.
  • patient instruction in self trigger point release and independent pain self-management strategies.
  • very precise muscle strengthening and muscle balancing exercises.
  • surface electromyography (sEMG) for neuromuscular re-education. sEMG is a sub set of 
    biofeedback where the electrical activity generated by a muscle is transposed to a line on a 
    computer screen. This helps to increase the precision of the therapy provided.
  • skilled instruction in stress and how it increases muscle pain via activation of intrafusal fibers  
     in pain causing trigger points. 
  • Instruction in the ‘beyond good ergonomics’ causes of continued pain related to overuse or  
    work on a computer, i.e., the psychophysiological pain correlates.

The manual therapies used vary from myofascial release to Japanese Myotherapy or deep manual friction trigger point release, to strain/counterstrain techniques, muscle energy releases, cranial sacral therapy and mobilizations of restrictions to optimal motion as a means of facilitating the body’s normal healing mechanisms.

The exercises used are based on current knowledge of normal kinesiological functioning as taught by Shirley Sharmann and research based on the importance of normal muscle dominance patterns and optimal muscle use during function.

Evaluation of the more complex cases involves use of a precise PROM evaluation, which helps to ascertain body linkages. We try as much as possible to view the musculoskeletal system as a unified whole, being acutely aware of how a restriction in one part can affect functioning in any other part of the system.

When treating stroke patients we utilize traditional approaches along with the “learned non-use approach to therapy”, and the use of sEMG and electric stimulation, as appropriate, to assist with neuromuscular re-education.

How SaluCare services are paid for
Services provide by SaluCare are paid through insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Workman’s Compensation, and Private Pay. We are providers for WEA, WPS, Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross of WI and MN, Corvel, and Champus.

Diagnoses SaluCare effectively treats
Diagnoses SaluCare treats include, but are not limited to, myofascial pain, overuse syndromes, carpal tunnel, epicondylitis, tendinitis, tension and migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, scapular pain, stroke, knee pain, plantar fasciatis, whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, cerebral palsy, and TMJ.

SaluCare’s Results
Our success rate when last calculated via patient reports was at 92% with the majority of those patients being off pain medications. With acute injuries, we can diagnose and treat muscle spasm and imbalanced functional muscle use patterns in one to three sessions followed by more traditional therapeutic intervention. This reduces pain, shortens rehabilitation time and increases the potential for success and return to PLOF. In chronic pain cases we are an additional treatment choice.

How to refer
Call and schedule your patient, and we will fax you an initial evaluation and treatment order. Post evaluation we will fax you a treatment clarification order based on our findings.

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