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SaluCare Services
Home Safety Evaluation       

With follow up recommendations regarding adaptive equipment needs/environmental modifications to increase independence and safety.

Functional Cognitive Assessment      

To determine what one can do safely and Independently and what supports/cues are needed to maximize independent function. Is used to answer the question, “am I…. or is my Ioved one safe alone at home?”

Home Exercise Programs    

To improve balance, coordination, range of motion, endurance (including cardiac endurance) and strength (including gentle progressive exercise programs for the elderly).

Assessment and Instruction in Work Simplification/Energy Conservation

Helps to increase independence and quality of life when having difficulty functioning secondary to weakness and/or decreased energy.

Assessment and treatment of muscle related pain    

Pain that is interfering with daily function (including sleep).  

Fall Prevention     

Use of research based interventions that go beyond the "usual & customary". For example, this is done by including dual task training and upping functional demands while one is moving.